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From the Dojo into the classroom, Dan’s Stick with Character book is full of successful, practical techniques that can be used in any classroom!
As a former Physical Education teacher, Dan trained over 30,000 students and teachers in the public and private schools and developed his revolutionary techniques that inspire your students to practice responsibility, respect, self-control, practice and perseverance ON THEIR OWN! And yes, without a teacher telling them!  

This book also gives you the easy to follow lesson plans for each of the character traits on the mountain that will have your students practicing everyday in your classroom!  Not only will your students be inspired to practice character traits such as responsibility, respect and self-control, also there are practical, simple, time-tested techniques that Dan has developed over many years that teach your students to be in charge of their focus, attention, attitude and behavior!


Dan Moriarty's

Stick with Character Interactive
Mountain Thinking™ Wall Banner
Once you learn the powerful character techniques from the book, you can use the two-foot wide by three-foot high interactive Mountain Thinking™ banner as you’re coaching and teaching the techniques to your students! Mounted on the wall by Velcro, your students will enjoy moving the SWC piece up the mountain keeping them focused on their progress as they learn! Once you learn the techniques from the book you can then apply the Mountain Thinking™ banner to any situation task or challenge throughout the year!


Dan Moriarty's

Stick with Character
All School Physical Education Product
Character Development Mountain thinking™ is the program core. As character training, it establishes a building-block process that develops character, self-control and performance awareness.

Physical & Mental Development Develops, teaches, or enhances, coordination, rhythm, timing, focus, balance, reaction and speed.

SWC Bamboo Stick Exercises Physical activity builds focus, coordination, teamwork and integrates learning into the brain.

Breathing Techniques for Self-Control Students learn to calm themselves and enhance their focus.

Brain Integration Provides stimulation and challenges that develop cognitive skills and integrate hemispheres of the brain, while developing character.

Dojo Control™ Specific Critical Thinking Questions to Stimulate students' awareness and ownership of their focus, attention and behavior in the classroom (rather than a teacher or parent being in charge of their behavior).

P.E. Framework fits in with state standards for rhythms and dance, fundamental movements, along with critical thinking and decision-making skills.

The program package includes:

1. Interactive DVD
    Character lessons (the 6 essential traits with Sensei)
    Mountain Thinking™
    Stick work instruction (for brain integration)
    Individual and partner training
    Advanced techniques
    Classroom set up and safety
2. 100 SWC Training Sticks
3. 2x3 foot Interactive Mountain Thinking Banner
4. 100 page Manual for Educators
5. Quick Start Manual

Schools pay up to $4,000 dollars for Dan to teach this program in their school. NOW you can get the exact same Stick with Character program for less than half the price and to use for a lifetime!