Stick woth Character self control for children
Learn 'Secrets' Most Teachers and Parents will Never Know
My Stick with Character program will show and explain secrets like:
  • How to increase your students desire to learn!
  • Why most of your students are not in control of themselves, whether you think they are or not!
  • Why your expectations can be the biggest obstacle in your classroom
  • How to improve your students focus and attention in minutes!
  • Why having students as pleasers can cause low self-esteem and lack of confidence
  • How to reduce distractions in your classroom and cultivate focused, on task students!
  • Reduce stress, feel better AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!

Former Public school teacher and 7th degree black belt Professor level with
30 years experience.
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The Stick with Character program offers practical information, activities and successful, easy to learn character techniques applicable to everyday tasks and challenges in any classroom! Through your P.E. program, you can train all your students K-6 and help them build a solid foundation of character, stimulate their brain, developing cognitive ability, so they are better able to learn, and can more easily achieve character and academic success!
The Stick with Character Product includes:
a DVD, Manual, 2'x3' banner and 100 Stick With Character (SWC) Sticks!
Here's what people are saying about this AMAZING program!
Students not only learn concepts of character education but they immediately put those concepts in to action. Teachers, administrators, and parents were pleased with the student’s ability to apply the concepts in to daily interaction!
- Debby Chair, PE/Health/teacher Villa Duchesne/Oak Hill

Our student's behavior is at an all time best, and kids love it!
- Ken Bias/Elementary Teacher/Ken Bias/Elementary Teacher

I highly recommended the stick with character program to any classroom teacher or parent if they want their students or children to become better learners and to be able to focus!
- Scott Clynes/Elementary Teacher

I really like the Mountain Thinking™ process where it takes a student from becoming dependant on a teacher for their behavior and learning to becoming independent and making smarter choices in the classroom and here in Physical Education class, that really helps me out!
- John Fink/Elementary Teacher

Getting real results that you can measure. I endorse it completely!
- Dr. James Fadigan/Child psychologist/Brain Specialist

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